It’s Not A Duck, It’s A Gannet

My goal was simple. Create a fun and unique alternate controller that makes people question my sanity. After many failed brainstorming sessions, this one hit me like a ton of bricks and I took off running. Surprise! I ordered a 2 pack of plastic lawn flamingos Wednesday night, and they arrived on Friday night! (Thanks, Jeff Bezos and the ultra fast delivery speed of Amazon Prime)

Step 1 was splitting this beautiful bird open and drilling holes for the buttons and joystick. (PETA, advert your eyes)

Step 2 was hitting this boy with a fresh coat of white spray paint

Step 3 was soldering and connecting the buttons and joystick to the breadboard

Step 4 was installing the insides, sealing up Nigel, taping over the buttons, and hitting it with another coat of spray paint and hang him up to dry. Warning: Graphic photo ahead. Not for the faint of heart.

Step 5 is paint our boy to look like a real gannet.

Step 6 is hang to dry once more and then we’re good to go

Here is a before and after photo if you can’t be bothered to scroll back up to the top:

The 2 pack had 2 different necks, so I’m glad I didn’t break it the first time because it feels much nicer than the other one. The controller worked perfectly and was oddly ergonomic. Success!